$420ea person 10 Small Private group training (open group 2-6 people)

$ 420 USD

$40 a month gym membership due also.

$50 Small Group Private Training (Drop In Fee)

$ 50 USD

Train in a small private group.

$800 8 Personal Training Sessions (in-Person 1hr Session)

$ 800 USD

In addition there is a $40 a month gym membership.

$320 ea Person Small group Private Training (closed to you n your group min 3people) 8 sessions (30 Min in Person)

$ 320 USD

$40 a monthly membership due also.

$960 (1hour) 12 In Personal Training Sessions

$ 960 USD

$40 a month gym membership required.

$540 Personal training 12 sessions (30 min sessions)

$ 540 USD

Meal plan included. Monthly gym membership is $40 a month in addition to purchasing the package.

$360ea Person Small Group Private Training 8 sessions (1 hour)

$ 360 USD

In addition to the fitness program you must pay a monthly membership ($40) to Slim Body Fitness.

$199 In Person Boot Camp

$ 199 USD

You will have access to our in Person classes at 5am (Tues, Wed, Friday) and Saturday 8am Zoom 5am (Tues,Wed,Friday) Zoom 8:30am (Mon-Friday) Zoom 5pm (Mon-Friday)

Virtual Training Online Using "Zoom"


Morning Schedule


Monday, Wednesday, Friday



For the Zoom Code Text (818) 310-2379


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Are you ready to get in shape for Summer 2021?  We have the formula for you!

We Specialize in Personal Trianing, Private Group Training & Online BootCamp  we will make sure you get the RESULTS you deserve.

We also have trainers that will come to you and Train you at your home. 

"If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready."

Coach Sykes 



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