Vacation Workouts

Fitness Workout
Personal Training 
Workout #1
 3 min jog
2 minute Plank
50 Bicycle abs (moderate pace)
15 Squats 
10 Squat Jumps
10 push ups
15 step ups (each leg)
rest 1 min between sets
Stretch 5-7 min

Workout #2
5 min Jog
45 sec lunge (alternating legs)
 Weighted squat (25lbs- 60lbs) 15 squat 
1 min leg lifts
repeat 3x's
20 min run
Stretch 5-7min

Workout #3
1 min jumping jack
1min wall squat 
1min 30sec plank
Rest 30seconds
1 min mountain climber in place
10 pushups
 10 back arm dip (in chair)
High Plank Low Plank
25 Bridges 
rest 30 seconds 
Repeat 3x

Cancun Workout
Warm up
.5 mile jog
Neck, Arm & shoulder rotation 10x
Flutter kicks 10x
10x lunges
45 sec mountain climber
20x squat to upright row w band
30x jumping jack
15x back arm chair dip
30x  jumping jack
10x close grip push up
30 sec rest
4 sets
15 lunge to curl
30 sec jog in place
15 squat jump
30 sec jog in place
45 plank position
40 crunches
25 in/outs
1 min plank
4 sets

Slim Body Xtreme Workout for time
Equipment needed
Paper and pen
1 min jog in place
All rotations

Set Timer
20sit ups
10 pushups
Make a check mark  every time you complete a set.
After rest 3 to 5 min go on 15 min jog
Stretch 7 min

 Rest with 20 seconds (hydrate if needed)