Our Trainers

 Tommie Sykes

Tommie has been a part of fitness since age 7 when he started playing organized sports. He joined the military at age 20 and learned respect, discipline, honor, courage, and duty for others. While in the military he served in the War Iraqi Freedom. After the War Tommie returned home went to college and received a degree in Exercise Sports Science while playing football at Western State College of Colorado. While in College he developed a passion for helping others which led him to the fitness industry. He has been training in The San Fernando Valley for roughly 9 years. Tommie gives back to the community by volunteering his time coaching youth sports and participating in local fundraising events.


Tommie's View

"In my eyes work is never done. To better serve my clients I will always be adding new features and programs, supplementing my current programs to ensure that I am always offering the best of what’s available in the health and fitness industry. I've always had a passion to help others do better with themselves when it came to health.. While deployed in Turkey for the Iraq war I started training my comrades to get fit because there was too much sitting around in my eyes. When I got out of the Military and went on to College to study Exercise Sports Science that's when I realized that there is more to just training people physically. The mental aspect of training is far more important than anything. When you have a positive mind you can accomplish anything. I enjoy challenging people to become better. I am an expert at helping people get results and gaining confidence. Here at Slim Body we are family and we train that way."

Avionne James (San Diego)
Avionne has been a fitness trainer for  3 years and he is devoted to help people make life changes the healthy way. Avionne is NASM certified and has a degree in Exercise Sports Science from Western State College of Colorado. Avionne is known as the  "Insane Cardio Man". He gives very intense cardio classes that will have you screaming and shouting for more. 

Sandy Neives
Sandy is our high energy Zumba Instructor that always has the crowd pump and ready to party. Sandy has been a dancer for over 25 years, she is also a certified personal trainer.

Delynn Schneider
Our Spin instructor D knows how to give a great Kettle Bell class with her up beat music. She has a special class that implements strength training while properly using the Kettle Bell

Jhad Jones
Fitness Coach and Moorpark Track Coach.