5.0 star rating
Matt 3/27/2016

I was only with Tommie for 2 months with only 3 sessions a week. I lost mostly fat and gained muscle. Tommie was helping me train for NFL.  He taught me so much about core strength. The definition to my physique can be seen on the SlimBody Fitness Instagram page. My condition level has risen as well. If I was able to stay in the LA County I would most definitely be with him training to this day. I still keep in contact for workouts from him. Highly suggest going there for personal training. "Once you see the change in results, it becomes an addiction!" You will most definitely see the positive change in results with Tommie. 

5.0 star rating
Hali 3/29/2016

I was not a gym person at all but I love this place now. I've been training with Tommie and I can comfortably say he is the best trainer ever. He is motivating and always positive. He takes no excuses and keeps me on check. I have been seeing results in a very short amount of time that I've been coming here. Although his crazy busy schedule, he is always accommodating and caring towards his clients. Everyone else is super friendly and welcoming too. Great place to be if you're determined to get your summer body ready! 

5.0 star rating

Derieck Lopez 3/19/2016

Slim Body Fitness is definitely worth a visit. For me I believe that the trainers there give you there absolute all and undivided attention during your session. The trainers not only know how to get the most out of you during your session, but they also encourage you to engage in the fit lifestyle. I've been coming to Slim Body Fitness for quite some time now and the results I am seeing are tremendous, far better than any other gym I've been to. Coach Tommie has helped me change my life for the better. 

5.0 star rating

Dee 3/19/2016 I love Slim Body Fitness. They offer a wide variety of classes. The trainers are committed to helping people reach their fitness and nutritional goals. Sam B. is my teenage daughter's personal trainer. She has struggled with body image and self esteem issues. Sam is patient with her and really encourages her to push herself past her comfort zone. He educated her in nutrition without preaching. He ends the workout with positive affirmations which has made a huge impact on her self-esteem. His fees are reasonable and his schedule is flexible. Thank you Sam, from the bottom of my heart. You have made this mom very happy 

5.0 star rating
Deborah 8/26/2015 (yelp review)

 So this summer I decided to join a bootcamp, I thought it might be a fun yet effective way to lose weight.  Yes, fun.  Hey, I like being told what to do, even when my lungs feel like they're on fire, call me a masochist. 
Initially I joined a different bootcamp, my first bootcamp experience outside of H.S phys ed with Mr.G and his polyester skinny shorts commanding me to run laps and do pushups, "girly" if need be.  Anyways, I was right,  bootcamp was fun and no joke.  However, the trainer seemed to always be on his phone everytime I would look up.  Not sure why, but I found it discouraging. I quit. 
Next, I joined Slim Body fitness.  My first session, I thought I would pass out.  I dug it.  I went back for more.  3 weeks in I saw results, my legs felt firm.  Almost 2 months in, people I hadn't seen all summer are asking what I've been doing.  Slim Body Fitness.  This past week alone, I've lost another 5 lbs. with nutritional guidance from Trainer Tommie Sykes, my fitness mentor.  When I look up, he is not on his phone, he is actually watching and pushing, and providing feedback.  Every meet is a fun and interesting workout, which coincidentally keeps me engaged and stimulated and has been key in helping me stick with the program.
I'm looking forward to seeing the end results, Thank you Slim Body Fitness.

5.0 star rating

Carol M. 3/11/2015  I started working wit AV last year but took a break from bootcamp. AV checked in on me when I didn't return and motivated me to get back into it. He even sent me the link for a groupon which was perfect for me. I started back about a month ago and I'm so happy that I did. I appreciated AV following up with me and getting me back into it. Since I've been back I've been in pain because the workouts are intense. He motivates me to keep going and give it my all which helps get me to the end. I even fell once jumping rope and I was beyond embarrassed but AV said it happens and no big deal. He didn't even laugh! To sum it up he is a great trainer and cares about his clients. If you are looking to challenge yourself .. Join The bootcamp.. You will not regret it.

Tripp Jones 6/10/2015 (yelp)

I recently returned to working out after a small break. A friend suggested checking out Slim Body Fitness. The instructor Tommie brings a high level of energy to your workout. Often he will adjust my weights or give me a different exercise from some of the others in the class based on my needs & fitness level. My stamina is coming back and seeing new results immediately...

"I must say working out with you Tommie has changed my life, literally. I was lazy, bored all the time because of lack of motivation, and Unhealthy. You helped me  make a lifestyle change. From working on losing weight through exercise and changing my diet.(Not turning me into a vegetarian)You introduced me to a unique type of work out that is easy enough to do on a regular basis and efficient enough to get the results you want. I must say, now being 60lbs lighter and still working out, I feel better, much more comfortable and of coarse motivated because of the results I achieved. Thanks T. Sykes"

Kareem Edwards

"Tommie is the best thing that could ever happen to my husband & I. He really changed our lives. HE is the BEST PT. Thank you Tommie !!!!!"


"Tommie, you've changed my life and appearance! Your unrelenting persistence to drive me further along the path of getting in shape has made a real difference. Thanks for being so patient and supportive."

Shahraum Sobhani

"While I was working out with Tommie he always encouraged me he is a great trainer we always had fun.Tommie is very affordable always worked with our budget.The thing that I love about Tommie is that even though we havent been able to meet up he still keeps in touch and always encourages me and my family he truly cares about people.Not only just the people he trains but he also goes into the community to help out others and teaches kids about they're health."

Efren Ramirez

"I wanted to share my wonderful experiences i've had working out with Tommie. I workout often and am in pretty good shape but working out with Tommie has given me the extra push to look better than good. His workouts are never boring and are always different. The shock to my muscles has pushed me to the next level of fitness I couldn't do by myself. Thank you Tommie for pushing me to the next level of my fitness goals."

Mary Lugo

"I've had other trainners in the past but all they would use were machines and at the end I would be afraid to bulk up. Tommie's bridal bootcamp was tough, but so fun I forgot the pain. Tommie's techniques are unlike any other. I not only get a great workout but I feel stronger as the sessions progressed. They are workouts I can do from home on the days I'm not with him. I love the combinations of cardiovascular core and calestetics. It is great to also have a trainer that texts me motivational words and reminding me what to eat. Thanks Tommie."

Alejandra Martinez

"I had to put a wedding together in a very short time.  I did not think that I would have the time to get in shape! and that's when Tommie came to the rescue!  He set up a bridal boot camp customized to my wedding party (me & the bridesmaids) needs and schedules.  He was very professional and I could not thank him enough for the awesome results.  I loved it because I got to spend more time with my wedding party and he made working out such a blast!  Thank you Tommie Sykes for helping us achieve the results we wanted and making it fun!!" xoxo

Brenda Brown

"I had one of the greatest experiences with Tommie. He pushed and took me places I didn't know I had in me. The workouts were intense but yet fun at the same time. I loved the motivation he gave me and always made me feel like a winner. YOU BROUGHT OUT MY COMPETITIVE SIDE! :-) When I wanted to give up he would motivate me to be better and I appreciate that. Bridal Boot camp was a complete success. I am still using some of the techniques that were taught to us on a daily basis! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING MR.SYKES! U made putting on the bikini in Puerto Vallarta not dreadful but bare-able, U made my custom made dress look fabulous on me." *SALUTE* 

Amy Dyers

"Tommie is a great trainer that helps you feel good about yourself and improve not only physically but mentally. Routines have not been repeated since I started to train for 6 months. My physical performance is excellent and definitely if you're looking for a trainer that motivates you Tommie is the best."

Monica Campos

"Tommie you have helped me a lot, you've helped me push myself to an extreme now I feel better about my life and i am glad to have you in my life.  Thank you much Tommie."

 Ernie Burrows